001 Joiner & Splitter Pro

The best file splitter in the world

We have won numerous awards for this great piece of software and we would love to share it with you! Download our trial edition today or buy the full version now and be on your way to splitting and joining files in no time.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I specify splitting by size or number of parts?
A: Yes, when splitting files, you can choose to either split the file by the number of files, or based upon the desired file size of each new split peice

Q: Do I need your program to join the files after I split them?
A: No, if you intend on moving your newly split files somwhere else and you don’t have access to 001 Joiner & Splitter Pro, have no worries! You can choose to create a .bat file when splitting that will automatically join the files back together again without the need for our software

Q: I still have a question, can I contact WellTek Software?
A: Yes, we would be happy to assist you with any problems you may have regarding our software. Email us at support@wellteksoftware.com

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